Department of English


English, as the mainstream subject does not belong to the group of core professional subjects. It has been introduced in the professional courses to enable a learner to communicate effectively world over. As News storm, the famous management expert points out ‘With out communication an organization or system ceases to exist’.

The course is designed by Biju Pattnaik University Of Technology, Rourkela for the first & second semester students. The syllabus of the first semester is practice oriented, need based & functional communicative. It seeks to develop the students’ skill of communication in listening, speaking & writing. We follow a more interactive process of teaching & learning to achieve the goal of effective communication. The course for the second semester is designed to improve the facility of oral communication. The transmission & reception occurring in six managerial situations such as information sharing, conversation, interview, committee, negotiation & presentation is taught.

OBJECTIVES :(i)To enable the students to communicate effectively both in spoken & written form. (ii)To prepare the students to face the campus interviews.