Director's Desk

Dear Visitors,
Purushottam Institute of Engineering and Technology has taken its maiden voyage to mingle with great pursuit of Nation building by transforming with ever changing global economy. Engineering and Technology, now a day is a part of life which initiates the inmates to continuously save the most precious time and to live in leisure and take a glimpse of this beautiful world with unimaginable realities. Technology, the immortal twin of the very first human sapling has always re-engineered itself and has taken care of the humanity to this extent. It has constantly renamed itself as to this

phase-over Engineering & Technology for which we strive. Evaluating this mode of education and knowledge dissemination we have desired it out of good-gesture for the building of self and society in general. Job to Jeers is always an asset and a city depends on it, forget about the man depending on the industrial township. The venture has drawn its strength from the dramatic failure of the so-called education system yet to push we people to the stage to dictate the global rules.

I look forward to welcome you to be a member of PIET.

With Best Wishes

Director, PIET.